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Dying With Grace ~ by Maury Thompson
as featured in the Post-Star, October, 2006

The Wit of Ken Ball

By MAURY THOMPSON [email protected]
Monday, October 16, 2006

Ken Ball on:

Cellular telephones: "They've been telling me people carry these cell phones and take pictures. In case yohave an accident, yocan take a picture for the insurance company. I don't drive any more, or I think I'd get one."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: "Well at least he did something. Maybe it was wrong. Maybe it was right. I don't know. But he started all those alphabets -- NRA (National Recreation Area) and CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps."

Secret to longevity: "I just live one day at a time, and boy, the time goes by."

Middle East affairs: "Religion's kind of strange, isn't it? The strange thing, if I remember my history right, is that the founder of the Jewish church and the founder of the Muslim faith is both the same. It was a man called Abraham. Maybe that's why they hate us so much."

His cousin, David Ball, an Episcopal bishop: "He went to England to stay for a while. There's a title in the Episcopal church called a canon. So he was called Canon Ball. -- A little humor there."

.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY: "Oh, put her in jail. I guess the women in New York like her, but every time she comes to Warren County, they insult her."

Former .S. Rep. Gerald Solomon, R-Queensbury: "He's quite a regular guy. He did a lot for the veterans."

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